The Fukushima Disaster Documentary


This powerful and hard-hitting documentary presents a mosaic of narratives, blending first-hand accounts from witnesses with insights from experts who understand nuclear radiation and its dangers. “The Fukushima Disaster - The Hidden Side of the Story" is an eye-opening and poignant exploration of a dark chapter in human history. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency, accountability, and global cooperation to opt out of the need for nuclear energy in order to prevent such environmental catastrophes from ever happening again in the future.

Directed by Philippe Carillo.


"A powerful, moving, informative film that is superbly made. Directed and edited by Philippe Carillo, it is among the strongest ever made on the deadly dangers of nuclear technology."
Karl Grossman - Professor of Journalism - University of New York

"The Antidote to Oliver Stone is "Fukushima Disaster: The Hidden Side of the Story" a film by Philippe Carillo. In just 52 minutes, it demonstrates what's wrong with nukes, uses animation to convey radiation’s impact on cells and DNA, and makes the unavoidable case against nuclear power."
Libbe HaLevy - Producer and Host, Nuclear Hotseat Podcast/Broadcast, Author and TEDx Speaker.

IMDB Rating 9.4/10

EXTRACTS of the Film

Extract 01

This is a segment of the film concerning Japan's plan to dump its radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.
With Honorable Andrew Napuat - Member of Parliament of Vanuatu and Former Minister of Health Hilda Lini. 

Extract 02

Former Japan Time Journalist Yoichi Shimatsu explains the exodus of members of Parliament family exodus after the disaster. 

Extract 03

Former spokesperson for the nuclear industry Maggie Gundersen expose some of the lies of the nuclear industry.

Extract 04

Professor John Keane from the University of Sydney is explaining what the Kisha Club system is in Japan and how it affected the release of accurate news.

Extract 05

Former NASA Nuclear Scientist Randall Mielke explains how his invention to clean the radioactive water at Fukushima and elsewhere is working and why it was not implemented at Fukushima.

Extract 06

What is nuclear radiation? Here is an animation explaining what is radiation and how it affects our cells and DNA.

Raw Footage for further information

Dr. Helen Caldicott

In this half an hour interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott, we go over a lot of information that was too long to be in the film. But the importance of it is the reason why I put the raw interview here for people to get the data.

Arnie Gundersen

This is the part of the interview with Arnie Gundersen that is not in the film. But the data are tremendously important.

Yoichi Shimatsu

You will find additional data regarding the Fukushima Disaster that could not be in the film. But the information is worth the shot.

Maggie Gundersen

Maggie is giving a lot of information that was too long to be in the film. However, if you want to know more about the topic, Maggie is giving a lot of data that are priceless.

Dr. Robert Dursi

Robert has worked on solutions to remove heavy metals from our bodies with natural medicine. Robert passed away in 2021. But his knowledge and bits of advice are priceless. He is giving the solution to remove radiation from our bodies.

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